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About youTheology

youTheology brings together teens from diverse backgrounds and experiences to dig deep into different aspects of your faith. We will treat you with the utmost care and respect while we challenge you to grow in love. We will support you on this journey, loving God, loving neighbor.

Why You Should Join Us

Be a part of this youth faith formation journey for a deeper relationship with God, church, and others in a caring and fun-filled community. 

Know who you are.

Ask the questions that are important to you.

Have discussion with your peers on what it means live for Jesus Christ in today's world.

Know that you are not alone as you seek to live a life that is pleasing to  God.

What you'll learn

How to be an effective leader.

What it means to be called by God.

How to discover your purpose.

What it takes to grow as a Christian.

How to tell others about your faith.

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